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Substitute Senate Bill No. 467

Public Act No. 15-88


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

Section 1. (NEW) (Effective October 1, 2015) (a) As used in this section:

(1) "Asynchronous" means any transmission to another site for review at a later time that uses a camera or other technology to capture images or data to be recorded.

(2) "Health record" means the record of individual, health-related information that may include, but need not be limited to, continuity of care documents, discharge summaries and other information or data relating to a patient's demographics, medical history, medication, allergies, immunizations, laboratory test results, radiology or other diagnostic images, vital signs and statistics.

(3) "Facility fee" has the same meaning as in section 19a-508c of the general statutes.

(4) "Medical history" means information, including, but not limited to, a patient's past illnesses, medications, hospitalizations, family history of illness if known, the name and address of the patient's primary care provider if known and other matters relating to the health condition of the patient at the time of a telehealth interaction.

(5) "Originating site" means a site at which a patient is located at the time health care services are provided to the patient by means of telehealth.

(6) "Peripheral devices" means the instruments a telehealth provider uses to perform a patient exam, including, but not limited to, stethoscope, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, sphygmomanometer, thermometer, tongue depressor and reflex hammer.

(7) "Remote patient monitoring" means the personal health and medical data collection from a patient in one location via electronic communication technologies that is then transmitted to a telehealth provider located at a distant site for the purpose of health care monitoring to assist the effective management of the patient's treatment, care and related support.

(8) "Store and forward transfer" means the asynchronous transmission of a patient's medical information from an originating site to the telehealth provider at a distant site.

(9) "Synchronous" means real-time interactive technology.

(10) "Telehealth" means the mode of delivering health care or other health services via information and communication technologies to facilitate the diagnosis, consultation and treatment, education, care management and self-management of a patient's physical and mental health, and includes (A) interaction between the patient at the originating site and the telehealth provider at a distant site, and (B) synchronous interactions, asynchronous store and forward transfers or remote patient monitoring. Telehealth does not include the use of facsimile, audio-only telephone, texting or electronic mail.

(11) "Telehealth provider" means any physician licensed under chapter 370 of the general statutes, physical therapist licensed under chapter 376 of the general statutes, chiropractor licensed under chapter 372 of the general statutes, naturopath licensed under chapter 373 of the general statutes, podiatrist licensed under chapter 375 of the general statutes, occupational therapist licensed under chapter 376a of the general statutes, optometrist licensed under chapter 380 of the general statutes, advanced practice registered nurse licensed under chapter 378 of the general statutes, physician assistant licensed under chapter 370 of the general statutes, psychologist licensed under chapter 383 of the general statutes, marital and family therapist licensed under chapter 383a of the general statutes, clinical social worker or master social worker licensed under chapter 383b of the general statutes, alcohol and drug counselor licensed under chapter 376b of the general statutes, professional counselor licensed under chapter 383c of the general statutes or dietitian-nutritionist certified under chapter 384b of the general statutes, who is providing health care or other health services through the use of telehealth within such person's scope of practice and in accordance with the standard of care applicable to the profession.

(b) (1) A telehealth provider shall only provide telehealth services to a patient when the telehealth provider: (A) Is communicating through real-time, interactive, two-way communication technology or store and forward technologies; (B) has access to, or knowledge of, the patient's medical history, as provided by the patient, and the patient's health record, including the name and address of the patient's primary care provider, if any; (C) conforms to the standard of care applicable to the telehealth provider's profession and expected for in-person care as appropriate to the patient's age and presenting condition, except when the standard of care requires the use of diagnostic testing and performance of a physical examination, such testing or examination may be carried out through the use of peripheral devices appropriate to the patient's condition; and (D) provides the patient with the telehealth's provider license number and contact information.

(2) At the time of the telehealth provider's first telehealth interaction with a patient, the telehealth provider shall inform the patient concerning the treatment methods and limitations of treatment using a telehealth platform and, after providing the patient with such information, obtain the patient's consent to provide telehealth services. The telehealth provider shall document such notice and consent in the patient's health record.

(c) Notwithstanding the provisions of this section or title 20 of the general statutes, no telehealth provider shall prescribe schedule I, II or III controlled substances through the use of telehealth.

(d) Each telehealth provider shall, at the time of each telehealth interaction, ask the patient whether the patient consents to the telehealth's provider disclosure of records concerning the telehealth interaction to the patient's primary care provider. If the patient consents to such disclosure, the telehealth provider shall provide such records to the patient's primary care provider, in a timely manner, in accordance with the provisions of sections 20-7b to 20-7e, inclusive, of the general statutes.

(e) The provision of telehealth services and health records maintained and disclosed as part of a telehealth interaction shall comply with the provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 P. L. 104-191, as amended from time to time.

(f) Nothing in this section shall prohibit: (1) A health care provider from providing on-call coverage pursuant to an agreement with another health care provider or such health care provider's professional entity or employer; (2) a health care provider from consulting with another health care provider concerning a patient's care; or (3) orders of health care providers for hospital outpatients or inpatients. For purposes of this subsection, "health care provider" means a person or entity licensed or certified pursuant to chapter 370, 372, 373, 375, 378 or 379 of the general statutes or licensed or certified pursuant to chapter 368d or 384d of the general statutes.

(g) No telehealth provider shall charge a facility fee for telehealth services.


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This course was short yet informative.
Annette Cornish
Therapist / Dust 2 Destiny Counseling & Wellness
Great training!
Jacqueline Hayes, M.Ed., LPC, LMHP
Professional Counselor 4 / State of LA
Ray was a wonderful, interactive instructor who really captured the heart of counseling in the world of Telehealth. The course was thorough and beneficial. Two thumbs up!
Rachel Morales
Licensed Professional Counselor
Ray does a spectacular job presenting the ethics in technology! Thank you!
Elaine Marie Barclay
Licensed Professional Counselor/ Assistant Professor / Shorter University/ Capella University
Very beneficial and useful to the direction i am moving of providing therapy
Linda Marie Margosian, MS, NCC, LMHC
I thought the video was very informative and gave me a good back ground on Telehealth , hippa laws and things I needed to know to run an ethical and hippa complent practice .
Meg Maginn
Director /private practitioner / Eating Disorder Associates

I believe this is a good course to take because this is the new wave of society. As a therapist I would like to be able to offer clients the best tools available.

Wihletta Michelle Davis MA, LPC
Therapist / Find the Miracle Within...
This course was very informative for me as a clinician and for my profession
Roseline Ngoeh
Community Clinician / NPS

Thank you for the introduction to telemental health.

Michele Frances Purvin
Psychotherapist / Michele Frances Purvin, LCSW, LCDC

Very good.

Franklin Castillo

Really excellent training full of valuable information and resources - surpassed my expectations!

Dori Ryherd
Therapist / The Cognitive Refinery

Great information with step by step instructions

Donna Tucker
Addiction Counselor / Spectrum Health

What a superb introduction to telemental health, well organized and packed with useful tips. I so appreciate this. Thank you.

Ann P Cahouet
Owner - Clinician / Equine Assisted Solutions LLC

Awesome job! This is a very insightful presentation.

Licensed Therapist, LPC / Seasons of Change Behavioral Health Services, Inc
Ray is down-to-earth, warm, pragmatic and exceptionally well-informed.
G. Reid Doster, LPC, LMFT
Director of Behavioral Health, EXCELth Inc.Primary Health Network & Private Practice Psychotherapist / www.excelth.com

An excellent course, but needs more legal information regarding where the patient needs to reside.

Barry Barmann
Clinical Psychologist / Behavior Therapy & Family Counseling Clinic
This legal course was phenomenal saturated with much detail and clarity!
Elaine Marie Barclay
Licensed Professional Counselor, Assistant Professor / Capella University and Shorter University
Great and very informative! Will help me take my skills to a new level. Gave me a great idea of how the session should go.
Jessica Latin
LPC / JL Counseling

Course provided several case scenarios regarding Interstate counseling and resource websites for further research.

Cowenda Jefferson
Clinical Director / Wise Life Choices LLC
Course provided additional information regarding the legal aspects of TeleMental Health.
Cowenda Jefferson
Clinical Director / Wise LIfe Choices LLC
I have completed prior training by Raymond and greatly appreciate his detailed and thorough trainings.
Dr Lynn Duffy, PsyD, LCPC, NCC, CCMHC, BCPCC, BC-TMH, Diplomate/CMH in Trauma
Director/Counselor/Mediator / Lighthouse Counseling & Consulting Services
This course was most helpful in helping me make my practice more compliant for me and my clients.
Marlene Small
Private Psychotherapist
This is the 4th TMH course I have taken with Ray and it is BY FAR the best TMH training out there. I've learned so much that I can use every day in my practice.
Dawn Ferrara

Very Informative

Naomie Pierre
community clinician / nps
I loved this course. It was very informative and provide a great deal of information about ethics.
Tracey Marshall
Easy to learn and easy to follow. User friendly on-line course.
Kelly Johnson
Licensed Mental Health Therapist


Melissa J Davis
LAPC- counselor
This was a phenomenal training and necessary for the continued growth of all helping professionals. This will certainly improve the manner in which I conduct counseling.
Elaine Marie Barclay
This training was extremely informative and supportive for professionals looking to gain further knowledge in Telemental health.
Marcy Abramsky
LCSW / Marcy Abramsky LCSW, InspireAmind TM Counseling and Consulting
I found this video to be very informative and helpful.
Michelle Parker
Contract Therapist

Great course, very informative!

Ashley Simmons
BCBA / Northstar Psychological Services

Love the course, worth every penny!!! Definitely helped jump start my Tele-mental health services!

Nakia Clark
Owner/ Therapist / Insightfullly You, LLC

This gave me and my staff some important insights and information regarding telehealth..

Larry Cowan
Executive Director / Samaritan Counseling and Growth

This course was easy and user friendly

Vanessa Reiser
Social Worker / JBFCS

I learned a great deal from this program and look forward to implementing telemental health in my therapy practice.

Michelle Hitchcock

It was fantastic! Just the forms he provides are worth the cost of the course!

Mark Wagemaker, LPC, NCC, DCC, CPCS
Counselor, Clinical Supervisor / Transitions Counseling

This was an excellent class and worth my time.  Ray provided great information and is clearly an expert in TMH!

Jennifer Stuckert
Director / Restoration Counselor of Atlanta, LLC

I found these courses informative and helpful. They make establishing best practices policies and procedures for telemental health services and supervising those who provide them. so much easier. I highly recommend his courses.

Nena Rybarczyk, MA, EMBA, LPC, NCC, CPCS
Counselor / Strategies for Life Counseling, LLC

Ray's workshop was one of the most informative I have taken in years. He brought clarity to took a topic which has been intimidating and I left feeling empowered!

Clinical Supervisor and Play Therapist / Georgia Association for Play Therapy