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American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA)

The American Family Therapy Academy is an organization of approximately 400 leading national and international family therapy and allied-field academics, clinicians, researchers, program directors, and policymakers. We are the builders and consumers of models, theories, investigations, and trainings in systemic theory and practice.

Who We Are

AFTA is a community of professionals that has provided a gathering place for the best and brightest minds in family therapy and allied fields for nearly four decades. It is a multi-disciplinary and diverse organization comprised of academics, researchers, educators, students, and mental health professionals that has served as incubator for some of the most compelling insights and transformative ideas about the family unit and the critical role it plays in creating healthy communities.

Since 1978, members of AFTA have helped tens of thousands of families, couples, and individuals in crisis. Theories about family and approaches to mental health championed by AFTA are taught in every major institution of higher learning. The work of the members of AFTA has influenced an entire generation of mental health theorists, researchers, and practitioners.

Join us for Our 44th Annual Meeting and Open Conference

Practice-Based Evidence: Connection, Hope, and Change in the Borderlands

June 23-25, 2022
Royal Sonesta Harbor Court
Baltimore, MD
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