American Mental Health Counselors Association

AMHCA is committed to a broad-based, grassroots organization with wide membership participation. 


AMHCA's vision is to position clinical mental health counselors to meet the health care needs of those we serve while advancing the profession.


AMHCA's mission is to advance the profession of clinical mental health counseling by setting the standard for:

  • Collaboration
  • Advocacy
  • Research
  • Ethical Practice
  • Education, Training, and Professional Development

Providing Value and Support to Mental Health Counselors

1. What is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor?

CMHC stands for clinical mental health counseling. Clinical mental health counseling is a distinct profession with national standards for education, training and clinical practice. Clinical mental health counselors are highly-skilled professionals who provide flexible, consumer-oriented therapy. They combine traditional psychotherapy with a practical, problem-solving approach that creates a dynamic and efficient path for change and problem resolution.

2. AMHCA Credentials

AMHCA is the first association to recognize both advanced practice and professional expertise in clinical mental health counseling. We believe in the current climate advanced practice clinical counselors with specialist skills are in increasing demand. Both the public and insurance providers are looking for counselors who have acquired cutting-edge training and clinical abilities.

3.AMHCA's Proud History

Since its formation as a professional organization in 1976, the American Mental Health Counselors Association, AMHCA, has been committed to establishing and promoting vigorous standards for education and training, professional practice, and professional ethics for clinical mental health counselors.


Being a member of AMHCA helps foster solidarity, a sense of belonging among fellow clinical mental health counselors.

  • Discounted professional liability insurance, and free legal guidance from CPH & Associates, Inc.
  • Free access to continuing education credits 
  • Subscriptions to The Advocate Magazine and our signature research publication, the Journal of Mental Health Counseling
  • Discounts on conferences and webinars
  • Opportunities to connect with our affiliated chapters
  • Exclusive discounts on products from the Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences
  • ...and much more!