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Telemental Health Session Checklist

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Making sure that you are in compliance with all aspects of providing a telemental health session is essential for your practice.

I created this checklist so that clinicians have one document to review every step before they begin each session. This checklist should help you become organized when beginning a session so that you do not overlook important aspects of compliance.

The Checklist includes:

  • Screening for Fit
  • Pre-Session Tech-Check or Client Orientation
  • 1st Session
  • Follow-Up Sessions


From the time of registration, you have 12 months to access the checklist.

How to Access

After enrollment, participants can find the Telemental Health Session Checklist listed under "My Courses".

The checklist is provided as a download in two formats: a pdf file and a spreadsheet.

Participants may request a printed version of their checklist to be delivered by mail. A shipping/handling fee of $6.95 will be charged per request. Shipping internationally may require an additional charge.

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