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VR for Mental Health Sessions

We've invited Terrance Williams, founder of Meta Wellness. His company provides virtual reality platforms for mental health professionals to host their Telehealth sessions in virtual reality. Terrance has been a pivotal pioneer in bringing Telehealth into the next stage of technology: Virtual Reality.

Meta Wellness specializes in creating virtual reality spaces for behavioral health clinicians and their clients in the metaverse. Terrance was inspired by the virtual reality space a couple of years ago. He wanted to make a valuable impact in the telehealth space by creating virtual reality platforms that were fun, challenging, and different. Terrance prides himself on making clients feel less shamed and judged in sessions within the creative digital spaces. He shared that a mental health therapist just recently thanked him for saving clients' lives by developing this innovative and interactive platform.

Terrance revealed that people show up way more honest and forthcoming. They don't feel as pressured to make eye contact constantly while sitting across from their clinician in a small tight space. Clients and clinicians get to choose what works for them; whether it is a summer beach, majestic rain forests, or beautiful snowcapped mountain views. Terrance shared how children can interact virtually in the child therapy playrooms by playing with puzzles, toys, and games as they share a therapeutic conversation with their therapist. Terrance stated how VR is a powerful and life-changing way to see actual results. He believes Meta Wellness is the next technological boom in Telehealth. 

Terrance also discussed HIPPA compliance and privacy within the Meta Wellness platforms. Clients can create a digital avatar and a guest login without sharing their real names and revealing that the platform does not record therapy sessions. Terrance shared how Meta Wellness is still growing and exploring ways to make sure it mitigates any risks from HIPPA-covered and confidential information being shared. During the conversation, Terrance takes Ray Barrett on a tour of some of the creative spaces within the platform. They could play basketball, sit on the beach, and play interactively with the toys in a children's therapy playroom. Terrance is excited about the future of Meta Wellness. "The sky is the limit!

By: Monique Nixon

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