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Ratings, Reviews, and User Testimonials of Our CE Courses

Very beneficial to receive information on appropriate and fair sharing of medical information.
Kendra Fox-Stinson, LPC NCC MAT
Clinical Supervisor
Excellent information and chat discussion. I learned quite a bit here; it is somehow overwhelming. I am moving to part time professor and going towards part-time + therapy (mostly telehealth), so I will certainly need to revisit the presentation material to feel more comfortable. Thank you for sharing.
Dr. Liane de Souza
Professor and therapist / Southern Adventist University
I think this training was comprehensive and beneficial.
Meagan McMahon
The course was very informative and had lots of good information for future use in my practice.
Kehinde (ken) Ofunrein
Enjoyed the course. Good information about legalities. I plan to refer to the information that was given to me.
Garrett Johnson
Graduate Student / Texas Tech Health Science Center
I really enjoyed this training! The presenter provided relevant, relatable, and readily applicable information for my practice.
John Adams
Mental Health Counselor / Mississippi College Student Counseling & Disability Services

Very thorough trainings

Quinyatta Washington, LAC
Licensed Associate Counselor / Bayless Integrated Healthcare
Dr. Marshall provided an EXCELLENT training geared toward behavioral health clinicians and supporting suicide loss. The overview of the currant verbiage used in addressing suicide was also important to provide, whether you already were aware, or not. Suicide will affect every clinician at some point in their career so getting the conversations among clinicians is an important place to start.
Bobbi Schutz, LCSW
Behavioral Health Consultant / Vista Hill - SmartCare
Excellent, current, coherent. Dr. Marshall's presentation was informed and coherent. I will definitely use the information immediately in my practice; She presented with an open and informed perspective.
Cynthia Pratt Pena, MSW LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor / Houston Counseling Support, PLLC
Excellent job Doreen. Wish this was longer as she had so much information to share in this short time.
Janet Schnell
clinician / 1 Hope and Healing
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