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Ratings, Reviews, and User Testimonials of Our CE Courses

This course was a bit difficult to sit through and retain due to the nature of the videos. However, [because it was] broken up I was able to retain the information needed to complete the course.

Acacia Warren
university of mississippi

Comprehensive and Integrative Counseling Services

Tracy Perl
Great source of information!
Ruben Joyner jr.
Counsellor at International School / Nanjing International School
This is a great in depth course for anyone who is planning to start providing telehealth services.
Ashley Washburn
Informative and great knowledge obtained.
Nicola Westcarth Brown
Student / The Mico University College

Educational video!

Lawrion Anderson
As a Veteran, I like to have the most current information with me when I am working with my Veteran clients. I enjoyed how this course was laid out and presented, especially being able to receive a Certification.
Dr. Karen Wall
LMFT / Karen Wall LMFT
I would recommend this programme to anyone wanting to do telehealth.
Althea Allen-Neil
Counselor/Social Worker / N/A
There is a lot packed into each module! The level of detail may be overwhelming at first, but the inclusion of the transcripts along with the audio helped me sort out the information. The information is useful and helpful.
Laura Tejada
Associate Professor / Northeastern Illinois University
The number of resources offered during this training was incredible. I appreciated the inclusion of a variety of perspectives as well.
Claire Robinson
Counselor-in-Training / WCU
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