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International Counseling

International Counseling

Finding the right therapist for yourself or someone else can be challenging for anyone.  However, finding a psychotherapist for someone who is living abroad can be even more difficult.  To help provide some guidance with this task, our CEO, Raymond Barrett, interviewed Josh Sandoz, LMHC, who is curator of the International Therapist Directory.

The International Therapist Directory is an online provider directory of mostly English-speaking therapists who practice in different locations around the world.  The directory has over 250 therapists in at least 40 countries listed. Josh Sandoz established the directory in 2009. Josh grew up in South Korea in an internationally diverse community, and he has an appreciation for the benefits and challenges of growing up internationally. 

The International Therapist Directory is a great resource for someone looking to identify a counselor who is likely to be sensitive to clients who have moved to new locations, have a history of a lot of mobility or specific challenges as international expats. The directory is also a great place for clinicians who provide this type of service to connect with one another for support and professional development. 

During this interview, Ray and Josh dialogue about the unique specialty of working with individuals who have struggled with transitioning between different communities, third culture kids (TCKs), and the expat community. Josh shares that developing cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity, and familiarity with different cultures is very helpful when working in this specialty. Over the years of working in this specialty area, Josh has developed the skills of looking through a cultural lens and using cultural humility mixed with curiosity to help clients. 

Ray and Josh discuss ways in which individuals can identify clinicians who may be a good fit for them by using the capabilities of the International Therapist Directory. If you yourself are looking for a therapist who is familiar with your specific culture or the challenges that come with mobility, or if you’re seeking a therapist for someone else with these challenges, I highly encourage you to explore the resources on this directory.

Training on the ethical, legal, and clinical considerations of practicing in another country is covered in our TeleMental Health Training Program

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