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What can you expect from a consultation session?

Private consultation with Ray Barrett is an opportunity for you -or your group- to seek specific guidance on the topics you want to discuss telehealth services. You may have just finished training and haven’t begun to provide distance services or perhaps you have the foundation for your telepractice but need help evaluating your current systems. Regardless of where you fit on the spectrum as a telemental health provider, consultation is a unique opportunity for you to set the agenda and clear goals for what you want to take away from your session with Ray.

Our TeleMental Health Training Certificate program covers the essential aspects of telemental health services including legalities (especially HIPAA law), ethics and clinical skills. It is quite simply a densely packed presentation of information. When you begin to unpack that information for the needs of your practice, you may find there are certain topics about which you’d like information. Information tailored to your specific situation. Topics such as risk assessments; HIPAA compliance; creating consent; security of communication with clients (is your email truly secure, how are text exchange handled, etc?); choosing (or changing) technology; who handles billing and how; identifying the covered entity… to name just a few.
Your time is important and from the outset, you establish the goals you want to meet in your consultation session. The conversation can flow in the direction you find most beneficial. In the course of the discussion, you might discover that you veered into a related topic and uncovered a potential issue that you hadn’t considered. You might find that the systems you have in place are sufficient but can be made more efficient. If you don’t yet have a system in place, you can come out with the direction of which steps to take next when setting up your practice.
Individuals or groups are invited to schedule consultations with Ray Barrett. Details can be found here. To begin, fill out the consultation request form and we will be in touch with you within two business days to schedule the next step of your telemental health practice.

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