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Many Organizations Choose Adaptive Telehealth as Their Telehealth Platform

Jay Ostrowski describes how his telemental health platform, Adaptive Telehealth, offers modern features for well-reasoned clinicians. With expertise in HIPAA compliance, Jay created his platform to anchor therapists as they walk an unstable mental health tightrope. Choosing Adaptive as your telehealth home base accommodates your clients, while attuning to your practice goals.

What You Can Count On: 

  • 90 unique assets that raise the bar for behavioral health professionals.
  • A sleek user interface that is visually sharp and designed to perform. 
  • Bilingual capabilities that reshape the screen with a single click.
  • A product package meticulously crafted for school professionals.  
  • An à la carte approach to telemental health that seamlessly integrates your pre-existing applications into Adaptive’s ecosystem.

Saving time is easy with Adaptive Telehealth. Their automated scheduler means you don't have to meddle with faulty URLs. Clients have everything they need built in, including an easy log-in button that bundles their appointment information in one easy to find location. Because Adaptive’s interface is instinctual, there’s no sharing or jumping between screens.

Adaptive Telehealth improves the workflow from intake to discharge by including a suite of intuitive features that consolidate and track client data. The custom log-in offers a library of provider roles, so you can synchronize your virtual workspace to your professional background. If your current telemental health platform feels limited, Adaptive can help you practice responsively: maneuvering your focus where—and when—the moment strikes you. 

Because this platform is such a perfect fit for so many of the organizations we assist, we have become a reseller for Adaptive Telehealth.  If you need help deciding on a telehealth platform we are glad to assist you. We can provide you a quote, or you can sign up for one of Adaptive Telehealth’s standard packages on their website. Save 5% by using our coupon code Telehealth5.

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