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Protecting Your Patients Means Protecting Your Data

Jorge Mastrapa, the co-founder of the cybersecurity company CySeSo, discusses his user-friendly approach to helping healthcare organizations feel more secure. As an MBA/PhD with an executive background in analysis, strategic development, and international business, Jorge brings a wealth of experience to his consultations. CySeSo helps organizations keep their patient data safe from predatory digital opportunists.

Most of CySeSo’s customers are individual practitioners or medium-sized healthcare companies seeking end-to-end cyber solutions. Issues range from security breaches to comprehensive disaster recovery scenarios. Regardless of their specific concerns, Jorge individualizes consultations to construct a security plan around the existing business. 

CySeSo uses a 24-hour defensive posture and recommends implementing security measures passively around the clock. CySeSo’s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) training safeguards organizations from routine security mistakes. HIPAA protocols are vital in any user-sensitive industry. CySeSo discourages unauthorized access attempts, readies organizations for recovery operations, and guides clients through the cyber insurance process when necessary. 

According to Jorge, organizations should prepare for possibilities rather than wait for a breach to occur. Jorge notes three security weak points that hackers often target: patient payment details, third-party insurance information, and the patient’s healthcare ID—the key that reveals a person’s medical history. If grifted by digital criminals, this one piece of identifying information could take years to restore.

Jorge and his team ask tough questions that go beyond basic HIPAA statements or routine security practices. The CySeSo team investigates an organization’s level of compliance from top to bottom, including their encryption process and how patient data is being treated across IT platforms. CySeSo is a trusted provider for healthcare organizations who want to minimize their risk, while maximizing their digital life expectancy. Learn more about CySeSo’s services and client philosophy by visiting them online.

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