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Creating a Home Office for Your Telepractice

Many of my alumni have questions on setting up their home office.  I love my home office.  I often take short breaks to spend time with my wife and youngest child, who is not yet in school.  I also love checking in with my older children when they get home from school.  To help you get started I will share with you how I have set up my home office. 

First, I chose a room that I could truly create soundproof, and safe from interruptions.  My home office is separated from the rest of the home by two doors which both lock.  It is also on the top floor, in the back of the home, carpeted, and has double pane windows to block out any noise.  I had a large window installed for a great view, and that also provides a lot of natural light.  I pay for high-speed internet, and a landline.  My computer has great processing speed and connects directly to the modem via an Ethernet cord, I use a decent camera, microphone, and optional headset.  The office is presentable for the camera to pan the whole room.  I use a secure network, encrypted computer, and HIPAA-secure technology.  For handling technology issues, I have the option to use a hotspot for the internet, an uninterruptable power supply, a second computer, a cell phone and a landline.  I have another office that is not in my home for same location clients, which I use for my business address.  In my full Distance Credentialed Counselor course (replaced with the TeleMental Health Training Program) I cover how to secure and choose technology, how to set up a telepractice, and all of the other competencies of providing mental health services from a distance. Please share insights you have from your own home office experiences.  

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