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Using Social Media to Support Healing and Advocacy

Dr. Rosenna Bakari is a psychologist and the founder of Talking Trees (founded in 2010). Talking Trees is an organization that encourages survivors of childhood sexual abuse and incest to seek healing and come out of silence. Dr. Bakari has also written five books related to wellness, including her memoir. Recently, Ray Barrett sat down to interview Dr. Bakari about her work.

Dr. Bakari founded Talking Trees during her own healing journey. She hoped to create a platform which would allow people to access both a community of survivors and tools for healing from childhood sexual abuse. Dr. Bakari utilizes social media to “close the gap [for] research-based information and support for people, and to invite people out of silence.”

In many parts of the world, sexual abuse and incest survivors have minimal resources for help and healing. Dr. Bakari’s online forum has reached over 7,000 survivors all over the world. This forum has allowed those in areas with little resources to access guidance and support from clinicians and other survivors. Some who join this platform already participate in therapy, others join the group and then realize that they need more therapeutic support.

Dr. Bakari explained that people are looking for someone “not just with letters behind their name but someone who understands their experience.” As both a survivor and clinician, Dr. Bakari has the ability to both relate to clients and support them professionally in their healing journey.

If you are a survivor seeking out resources, visit here. From there, you will have access to the Facebook group and other online resources. Hear more about the work of Talking Tree by listening in on the interview today!

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