Telehealth Certification Institute, LLC

Provider Workbooks

These provider workbooks include sample clinical forms that you will likely be using when providing telemental health counseling, and/or telesupervion.

Each of these forms require significant time to create from scratch.  After purchasing the forms, you can download them as Word documents and adapt them to meet the needs of you specific practice and State regulations.

These items do not come with any CE hours.

Guide to Choosing a Practice Management Program

$25.00 each

This guide on selecting a practice management program is an Excel spreadsheet that you download.  It includes 171 questions which you can use while speaking to a prospective practice management program, or for you to send to a prospective practice management program to have them fill out for you.  This will help you determine which practice management program may be the best fit for your practice or organization.  The questions include capabilities, functionality, HIPAA compliance, and security.