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Internal Family Systems Therapy and Telehealth

Recently, Ray Barrett sat down to interview Sam Johnson, LPC, IFS, and EMDR therapist, to discuss providing Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy online. Prior to the pandemic, Sam was providing telehealth to clients. As a provider living in a rural area, Sam began offering telehealth early to meet the needs of clients living at a distance.

Sam describes IFS therapy as “inherently non-pathologizing” meaning, one would say, “you have a part that depresses you,” or “you have a part that causes you to be anxious” rather than “you have depression” or “you have anxiety.” The IFS therapy model views a person as a “system” with multiple parts, with the true self as the head of that system. According to Sam, IFS is inherently spiritual and can be utilized for those who have varying spiritual identities or practices. 

IFS can be beneficial in a home environment because telehealth eliminates the barriers caused by the stress of changing environments. However, the client must feel safe and comfortable doing deep internal work in their own home. The therapist and client can decide which setting will best meet the clients’ needs and provide a conducive environment for healing.

Listen in on this helpful interview today to learn about IFS Therapy, telehealth, and practical tips for providers.

For more on IFS therapy, visit this site

By: Jessica Sweigert


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