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Ratings, Reviews, and User Testimonials of Our CE Courses

I found the content highly valuable. I enjoyed the pace of the instructor videos and the availability to download the PowerPoint presentation.
Meg Miller
Grief and Loss Counseling
This training helped me to learn all the need to knows going into internship. As a busy college student and mom, it gave the need to knows in a good time frame.
Celise Bullard
LMHC Student / BVU
As I was going through the lessons, I found the study guide to give more clarity to the information that was presented by Ray and it helped with the quizzes.
Tiffany Ruffin
School Counselor / Chicago Board of Education
very informational. recommend taking this class
Natosha Lessley
Student / Alabama A&M
This was phenomenal!!! Life changing!!!! This gave me additional motivation and tools!!! I will be able to better serve and support my clients!!!
Betty Davis-Gilbert
Bereavement Liaison / City of Houston

Course well well-structured and creatively put together. Ethical Courage DM Model was thought-provoking. Would recommend.

David Edwards
LPC/Clinical Director / Evolve Family Counseling and Sports Psychotherapy
I have garnered so much that I wasn't expecting. So many things have been put into focus and context for me to appreciate. The traditional form of psychotherapy has taken over our routine and then the pandemic came and opened that door. I have garnered a lot of tools to execute telemental consultations.
Tena Tamareta Turner-Thomas
Guidance Counsellor / Cockburn Gardens Primary and Junior High
Sarah Jean-Recio

This course was a bit difficult to sit through and retain due to the nature of the videos. However, [because it was] broken up I was able to retain the information needed to complete the course.

Acacia Warren
university of mississippi

Comprehensive and Integrative Counseling Services

Tracy Perl