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Ratings, Reviews, and User Testimonials of Our CE Courses

Great Program! Such an Engaging instructor.
J'Nada Williams
Course was very informative. I will definitely use what I learned in my work with clients.
Andrea Chadwick
Love it !
J'Nada Williams
This was great!
Katherine Lutz
its a great program
Ja'Kayla Littles

Very informative. Although other AAT certification courses are less expensive and likely much less work, I believe this program will meet ACA Ethical requirements to add AAT/AATI to my scope of practice.

Patricia Whipple

I enjoyed this session. It was very informative.

LaQuita Moore

I completed the Animal Assisted Therapy Interventionist certification courses. I learned so much through this program and I really enjoyed not only Dr. Strayer's courses but I also got a lot out of the 3 day intensive. The courses were set up in an easy to use format and the readings and the assignments really helped me to learn all that I need to know to be successful at integrating animals into my practice. This will definitely help me to be a better practitioner and bring this style of interventions to my area. I will definitely take other courses with Telehealth Certification Institute.

Michelle-Lee Senecal-Hunt

"I embarked on the online self-study course on Teaching the History of Racist Policy and Resistance in Rochester, and it was a transformative experience. The curriculum provided a nuanced exploration of the city's historical struggles with racism, offering valuable insights into the impact of racist policies and the resilient spirit of resistance. The case study approach brought the content to life, making it relevant and engaging. This course has equipped me with a profound understanding of antiracist pedagogy, empowering me to foster inclusive discussions in my own educational endeavors. Highly recommended for educators committed to dismantling systemic racism through impactful curriculum design."

Lloyd Lumayag

Telehealth has been a transformative force in addressing healthcare disparities in rural America, where racism and limited access to medical services have persisted. The convenience of virtual consultations has empowered individuals to seek timely healthcare without geographical constraints. By breaking down barriers and providing equitable access to medical expertise, telehealth is playing a crucial role in fostering a more inclusive and just healthcare system for rural communities, combating racism one virtual visit at a time.

Lloyd Lumayag
I would definitely recommend this training
Chelsea Smith
The course material was adequate, although not very informative. The technological layout and process for completing the course was antiquated and clunky. I have filled out this testimonial 3 times and still can't access the certificate of completion fr example...
Caroline Sharkey