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Bi-Monthly webinars, Fridays, 1-2:30 pm Eastern (12pm Central/10am Pacific)

Join us for this continuing education series -- a free conference held for practitioners who are actively involved in supervision.  Learnnetwork, and share historical and innovative practices in clinical supervision for mental health professionals.
The events scheduled in this series meet every other month and new dates are added on a continual basis:

  • March 22, 2024

    Save the date for future events:

  • July 19, 2024

  • September 20, 2024

  • November 15, 2024

Telehealth and Play-Based Interventions

April 5, 2024 from 12-3:20pm EDT (11am CDT/9am PDT)

Many clinical supervisors lack hands-on techniques for supporting supervisee confidence. There is a lot of research about clinical competence in therapists but less about clinical confidence. This course examines the impact that clinical supervisors can have on developing and fostering confidence in your supervisees.

The ideal audience for this course is clinical supervisors at all levels who are looking for strategies to help supervisees develop clinical confidence, which will support their competence. Clinical supervisors who work in agency and private practice settings can expect to walk away with a deeper knowledge of their own clinical confidence, new ways to conceptualize therapist confidence, and practical ways to implement this knowledge in clinical supervision. Combining theory, research, and practical application, this course will improve your clinical supervision skills so you can better support your supervisees.

Distinctions in Social Work Supervision

May 10, 2024 from 12-3:20pm EDT (11am CDT / 9am PDT)

This course offers a framework for distinguishing social work supervision from other clinical supervision forms. While supervision in professional counseling, for example, shares similarities, it differs by often focusing on specific therapeutic techniques. Social work supervision, on the other hand, embraces a broader, multifaceted ecological approach.

This course will discuss a social worker's ecological perspective and ethical considerations and will talk about how these aspects shape clinical supervision and contribute to the skillful development of social workers. This course will discuss some of the aspects of micro and macro practice in social work practice and what the superiors’s role is for these.

This course will also discuss the ethical importance addressing a client’s broader societal, systemic and environmental factors- a unique and distinctive practice within social work supervision and continuing education. Finally, this course will provide case examples with intervention strategies that will illustrate how to uphold social work core values, aligned with the NASW Code of Ethics, including service, social justice, dignity, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence.

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