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Ratings, Reviews, and User Testimonials of Our CE Courses

Great training!
Jacqueline Hayes, M.Ed., LPC, LMHP
Ray was a wonderful, interactive instructor who really captured the heart of counseling in the world of Telehealth. The course was thorough and beneficial. Two thumbs up!
Rachel Morales
Ray does a spectacular job presenting the ethics in technology! Thank you!
Elaine Marie Barclay
Very beneficial and useful to the direction i am moving of providing therapy
Linda Marie Margosian, MS, NCC, LMHC
I thought the video was very informative and gave me a good back ground on Telehealth , hippa laws and things I needed to know to run an ethical and hippa complent practice .
Meg Maginn

I believe this is a good course to take because this is the new wave of society. As a therapist I would like to be able to offer clients the best tools available.

Wihletta Michelle Davis MA, LPC

Thank you for the introduction to telemental health.

Michele Frances Purvin

Very good.

Franklin Castillo

Really excellent training full of valuable information and resources - surpassed my expectations!

Dori Ryherd

Great information with step by step instructions

Donna Tucker

Thank you Ray for this training. You did an excellent job explaining all these very hard topics; especially the technology parts and components that I could not ever known if it was not for this training. thanks again.

Zunilda Chaudry

What a superb introduction to telemental health, well organized and packed with useful tips. I so appreciate this. Thank you.

Ann P Cahouet