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Telehealth Pediatrics: Urgent Care for Your Kids Without Leaving Home

When it comes to pediatric healthcare delivery, most parents and professionals would agree that in-office urgent care visits can be incompatible with daily demands. 

Dr. Amy Wise, DNP, ARNP, CPNP-PC, a pediatric nurse practitioner with over six years of experience, knows that respecting a family’s daily schedule makes a difference in how her patients feel. Through her virtual healthcare startup, Kovvy Health, Dr. Wise has improved patient satisfaction by allowing families to remain in their homes while seeking pediatric services. Her person-centered approach emphasizes the uniqueness that each family brings with them to her virtual exam room.

Dr. Wise’s patient portal offers clients a confidential, secure, and connected platform for seeking holistic answers to urgent medical concerns. Through Kovvy Health’s website, Dr. Wise and her colleague, Laura Spindola, share their expertise and the advantages of the Koovy Health experience. From their $50 flat fee to their longer patient visits, Kovvy is all about serving the person behind the illness. Kovvy Health’s cash model helps families who have limited insurance coverage options--or are who might not have health insurance--a new route to specialist pediatric consultations. Dr. Wise stresses her full-patient focus, knowing that lasting wellness is only achieved through sensitive practice. 

Instead of a revolving door attitude to patient interactions, Dr. Wise works with children and their families to unearth deeper needs related to their recovery plans. Her free initial consultation is part of her individualized care process and gives new patients a fifteen-minute test-run free of charge so patients are fully informed about what they will receive as a Kovvy Health patient. 

Each thirty-minute exam uses collaborative strategies to help children cope with the demands of examinations. Since the age of fifteen, Dr. Wise has conceptualized how to best assist children in managing their anxieties. Once she began professional pediatric nursing, she continued her mission to utilize the home environment as a supportive technique. Whether she’s asking a child to hug their favorite stuffed animal or coaching a parent on displaying a rash on their child’s arm, Dr. Wise builds a trusting partnership with each patient.

At this time, prospective patients must be based in Arizona to receive services from Dr. Wise. She is limited to urgent, not emergency, medical interventions--a distinction that relies on her network of primary care physicians to mediate gaps in care. If a long-term follow-up is recommended, Dr. Wise is comfortable with local providers who can pick up where she left off, ensuring a smooth continuity of services.

Dr. Wise’s main goal is to expand Kovvy Health so that she can reach patients across the U.S. As a pediatric specialist, she is committed to offering meaningful client-provider experiences, while building up the technological side of her telemedicine practice. Dr. Wise joins other medical pioneers who are bringing the expert to the home.