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Esteem sign for Digital Therapeutics Helps Kids With ADHD

Digital Therapeutics Helps Kids With ADHD

Often the treatment of ADHD is fragmented and difficult to track, not only for parents and caregivers but for the person with ADHD as well. I was very impressed and inspired by Esteem Therapeutics. This new and emerging technology, known as digital therapeutics, empowers both the person with ADHD and their entire care team, with the tools to be very effective in combatting ADHD.

Great tools such as Esteem Therapeutics can only be effective if they are utilized. Esteem Therapeutics is a very well-designed platform that is easy to use and understand. The user quickly experiences how engaging and effective it is. I expect clients will really enjoy using it.

How it works:
This platform is very client centered. The person with ADHD completes engaging assessments to establish a baseline. They also complete questioners on what they want as goals. They can choose who to invite as collaborators. The platform teaches the person with ADHD techniques for combating ADHD and tracks what is and what is not working for the client.

Care coordination is a very important aspect of treating ADHD. Clients, or their guardians, can share their information with teachers, pediatricians, and therapists in a way that is very useful to those professions. Caregivers and therapists are also trained on how to best help the person with ADHD.

As a clinician who has worked with a fair number of clients with ADHD, I strongly believe this platform will make tracking, progress, and care coordination a lot easier for kids with ADHD. I invite you to explore it, and share it with your clients. There is no cost to therapists to become certified as an Esteem Thrive provider and to use this powerful tool with clients.

Check out their Esteem Thrive Knowledge Center!