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Building Effective Mental Health Supervision: Developing a Comprehensive Curriculum for Supervisors' Training Objectives

Join us for a this Live Webinar in our Clinical Supervision Forum Series
January 19, 2024 from 1-2:30pm EST
1.5 CE Credits available for behavioral health clinicians

This course addresses the significant challenge mental health supervisors face in tailoring effective supervision for diverse caseloads. Worldwide, the lack of standardized, adaptable supervision curricula has led to inconsistencies in support provided to clinicians. This problem hinders the professional growth and quality of care, particularly for specific populations dealing with complex mental health issues. Designed for experienced mental health supervisors seeking to elevate their supervision practices, it is ideal for those who have a solid foundation in supervision but are looking to refine their skills in curriculum development. Professionals who are reasonably familiar with addressing supervision challenges will find this course instrumental in taking their expertise to the next level.

This course presents a groundbreaking approach to supervision curriculum development. Drawing on cutting-edge research and practical insights, it introduces a comprehensive framework that integrates contemporary theories and evidence-based practices. This innovative approach adds a new dimension to what mental health professionals typically know, ensuring that supervisors are equipped with the tools to create tailored curricula that drive positive outcomes.

Upon completing this course, participants can expect to master the art of developing a supervision curriculum that meets the unique needs of their supervisees. They will learn to integrate current research and evidence-based practices into their curriculum for enhanced effectiveness. Participants will also implement strategies for stakeholder engagement and feedback mechanisms, ensuring a dynamic and responsive curriculum. Ultimately, they will be able to evaluate the impact of their curriculum on supervisee development, leading to improved client outcomes. Engaging with this course promises a transformative experience, empowering mental health supervisors to shape a more resilient and effective workforce.

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Amy Smitke

Amy Smitke, LISW-S, LICDC, is a dedicated professional with a passion for advancing mental health practice. With a background in Social Work and Psychology, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the realm of mental health supervision. She is the CEO and Founder of Motivated Wellness Solutions LLC and Coaching Upwards, and the Co-Founder of TheraVault LLC. 

Drawing from years of experience in mental health and substance use, Amy understands the critical role that effective supervision plays in nurturing the growth and success of mental health professionals. She believes that a well-structured supervision curriculum is the cornerstone of a thriving mental health program and mental health professionals in all areas. She has created numerous tools and resources specifically related to supervision, such as the Leading With Excellence: The Ultimate Supervision Curriculum for Mental Health Professionals, Empowering Minds Dynamic Conversation Starter Cards, Supervision Trackers, Supervision Guides, and The Launch Your Supervision Practice Workshop. She has a passion for improving the lives of mental health professionals through quality supervision.