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Technology in Couple and Family Relationships

Join us for a this Live Webinar
May 12, 2023 from 10am-5pm Eastern Daylight Time
6 CE Credits available for behavioral health clinicians

Technology has shaped the way that we relate to our intimate partners and family members. It creates new ways for couples to communicate with one another, cultivate more intimacy, and resolve conflict. In families, technology provides ways to connect to others at geographical distances and across time zones as well as providing collaborative entertainment. On the other hand, the inability to effectively use technology may result in deleterious effects such as technoference, exposure to age-inappropriate material, bullying, the development of infidelity, emotional violence, and misunderstandings. In this webinar, we will review how couples and families may encounter difficulties related to technology in their relationship and introduce strategies to enhance intimacy and improve relationship satisfaction.

Those attending will learn the Couple and Family Technology framework, a contemporary approach to help couples and families evaluate the unique ways technology affects their personal relationships. Because technology affects everyone’s life, people who should take this course are those who work with couples and families in some capacity. This includes those who work in psychotherapeutic settings, couple and family life educational settings, conflict resolution, mediation, and in information systems. Mental health professionals will learn new assessment questions and processes as it pertains to one’s use of technology, and a couple’s use of technology together. Participants will be able to develop insight into their own use of technology as well.

In short, the webinar will teach attendees to use technology to promote more closeness and intimacy by allowing couples to communicate on a more regular basis, whether they are physically together. It will also teach attendees to help parents more effectively monitor their youth’s Internet usage, connect with other family members, and foster youth with autonomy in a digital world.

This course is being offered to Clinical Supervisors, but is not included in registration for the Clinical Supervision Forum.  Registration for "Technology in Couple and Family Relationships" must be made separately from those enrolling in the Clinical Supervision Forum.

Katherine Hertlein Headshot

Katherine Hertlein

Dr. Hertlein earned her PhD at Virginia Tech and her master's degree from Purdue University Calumet. Across her academic career, she has published over 90 articles, 40 book chapters, and 12 books in the areas of couple therapy, infidelity, sex therapy, behavioral health, and the impact of technology on couple and and family relationships. Her contributions in sex therapy promote a paradigm shift in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions in couple relationships, are considered seminal texts, and used by couple and family therapy programs widely. Her contributions in the area of technology include the development of the core competencies for behavioral health which can be applied to all of the behavioral health disciplines, and the creation of the first comprehensive framework detailing the effect of technology on relationships which has been applied cross-culturally.

You can reach Dr. Hertlein here.

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