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What A Supervision Session Looks Like

Coming Soon - Enroll in the Online Self-Study and complete the training on your own schedule.
CE hours available for behavioral health clinicians completing the Online Self-Study.

Throughout grad school and beyond most of what we are taught in this industry is theory and then trial and error. We learn the theory of an intervention and then are expected to just know how to do it in the room. We tape our session using the skill and then get feedback from a supervisor. But we are just throwing darts blindfolded! We often don’t get to see someone actually use the skill, or if we do - we are watching some of the masters from ages ago! So much of what we do is done privately and confidentially - and rightfully so… but we need a better way to help train our industry in the HOW of what we do. Especially - how we do supervision!

This course is great for new supervisors, or clinicians who are getting ready to become supervisors. This course will give you an opportunity to see different styles of supervision and watch how they play out during the training. Supervisors and clinicians will be able to witness and explore options for making changes for how they navigate supervision in their own practices. Evidence shows that we learn in a variety of ways. Being taught by example often solves some of the frustrations that come with guessing or trying to figure things out on our own! This is a great opportunity to actually see what happens behind the door of a supervision office!

 Learning Objectives:

  • Describe at least three styles of supervision sessions
  • Compare supervision intervention styles
  • Examine and modify their style of supervision as needed
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This course is being offered to Clinical Supervisors, but is not included in registration for the Clinical Supervision Forum.  Registration for "What A Supervision Session Looks Like" must be made separately from those enrolling in the Clinical Supervision Forum.

What A Supervision Session Looks Like Webinar
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Dr. Tara Sanderson

Dr. Sanderson is a Licensed Psychologist in Oregon, owner of a group practice, a Clinical supervisor for Residents and Associates, an entrepreneur, course creator, podcaster and an author.
As a clinician, Dr. Sanderson loves working with and talking about Anxiety, OCD, Perfectionism and burnout. As a trainer and supervisor Dr. Sanderson's heart lies in training up and empowering interns and pre-licensed folks. She teaches courses in how to start a private practice, and how to have interns in your practice and more!